The Client

EPP specialise in securing the best talent for High Performance sports teams.

Founded in 2013, EPP work with organisations across the world of sport, including governing bodies, Premier League football clubs and Premiership rugby clubs around the world. In addition to search and recruitment services, EPP provide leadership development training, and offer bespoke advisory services where they speak into organisational cultures and team dynamics.

The Challenge

When we first met EPP in 2019, they were looking to make some big changes. They knew they offered something different to the world of elite sport recruitment. They were taking a unique approach to that of their competitors and the results showed it was working. Yet they were still struggling to acquire their preferred clients. Their website made them look just the same as everybody else, not the disruptors to the industry they were. How could they convince high level clients that they brought a different perspective to recruitment, and that it worked?

Project Services

– Digital Communications Strategy
– Project Management
– Website Build
– Domain and Hosting Management
– Search Engine Optimisation
– Integration with Mailchimp
– Design by Laurence Bates

The Strategy

We began working with EPP on a strategy for their online communications. The strategy centred around EPP knowing who they were as business and what their ideal clients were looking for, and then aligning this with how they communicated themselves online. EPP are relevant, offer a superior service to their competitors and carry a unique expertise in their field. They needed to demonstrate they have a different way of doing things to prospective clients, through content creation which explains the philosophies and core principles by which they operate.

The Website

EPP needed to change the way they presented themselves online and this started on their website. We set about creating a WordPress website with a bold and energetic feel. The site is quick to load, easy to navigate, and every page is fully responsive ensuring it works seamlessly across all devices. Its distinct colours, illustrated-design work, and homepage video all work together to grab your attention and communicate that EPP are different from the rest.

View Website
The Results

EPP’s brand, website and content now all work together to accurately represent who they are. As we continue to work with EPP today we see EPP’s articles moving up the SERPs, and their LinkedIn, Twitter and email marketing audiences growing. Top leaders in the industry are reading their articles and EPP are now being called upon to operate in big leagues.

The Feedback

“We have worked with Bathcomms on both the build of our new website and our ongoing digital communications and have valued their experience and expertise on both. They are lovely to work with, hugely knowledgeable and always happy to help, and guide, us. We certainly wouldn’t have the site we do today without them. Thank you”

Anna Edwards, EPP Managing Partner