Why Content Marketing?

Rather than marketing your products or services directly, content marketing generates interest in your business by producing and sharing information which benefits your readers.

This might mean publishing a blog which solves a problem, writing an article to showcase the latest thinking from your industry or simply making your audience smile with a light-hearted social media post.

By producing content which people genuinely want to engage with, you raise the profile of your brand, attracting new customers and establishing your business as the go-to leaders in your field.

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What We Do

Content Strategy

Without strategy, content marketing could lead to the production of lots more content which looks great but does nothing to help grow your business. That’s why at Bathcomms, we start with a strategy-first approach and formulate measurable goals to direct our efforts. This way we can keep circling back to our goals, honing in on what is working well.

Content Creation

From blogs to infographics, email campaigns to social media posts, we work with you to produce informative and well-designed content which adds value to your audience and grows your brand. We use our SEO knowledge to identify opportunities for content which will both appeal to your target audience and rank really well in the search engines.

We have a flexible approach to fulfilment and can work with you to determine what you can achieve in-house and what you need extra help with.

Content Promotion

When it comes to successful content marketing, the promotion of your carefully curated content is just as important as content creation itself. There are numerous ways to share your content, and we help to determine how best to connect with your desired audience and how often. Then, we keep on creating and promoting, growing your audience and building your brand.