The COVID-19 pandemic has, practically overnight, changed how many businesses work online. Retailers, seeing traditional sales channels dry up almost instantaneously have turned to online channels in a much stronger way.

So too, many other businesses that formally used the web to reinforce their communication have found their websites and social channels have become the primary vehicles for client and customer engagement during this season.

In light of this, Jonathan Sherwin looks at how we can learn from this sudden shift in online behaviour, and what businesses can do now to plan to communicate really well online in the months ahead.

Webinar Details

Date: June 30th 2020
Time: 08:30

Jonathan Sherwin speaking to an audience

About Jonathan Sherwin

Jonathan Sherwin helps businesses and organisations communicate well online, by creating vision and bringing structure to their digital marketing efforts.

Having worked with different businesses across the world, as well as starting his own, Jonathan took on the family business – Bathcomms – from his father in 2017. Bathcomms has been providing eCommerce clients with high-quality web development and design services since 1997, and today works with international, national, and local businesses.

Today, with Jonathan on board, Bathcomms has moved to a full-service web marketing and development agency, offering a broad range of technical and communications services required for businesses to succeed online.